Introducing the HiKOKI MULTI CRUISER Set, a rugged toolbox system designed for the toughest job site challenges.

Featuring a Carry Box for small tools, a Medium Carry Toolbox for medium-sized equipment, and a Large Carry Toolbox for heavy-duty tools. Stackable and interchangeable, these boxes offer customizable stacking options to suit your preferences, achieving a maximum load capacity of 120kg when stacked. With an IP65 rating, they provide protection against dust and water ingress. The included accessory cases and inner trays ensure organized storage for screws, chargers, batteries, and more. The design boasts a hooking plate for instant tool access, stack latches for secure stacking, and large, resilient tires for stability on rough terrain. Keep your tools safe from dust and rain with this tightly sealed, durable design.


  • Achieves maximum load capacity of 120kg when all 3 items are stacked on top of each other.
  • Customize the stacking order to your own taste.
  • IP65 rating provides protection against dust & water ingress.

  • Tightly sealed with a robust latch, there's no need to fret about dust or unexpected rain.
  • Equipped with large 9-inch tires made from resilient resin and rubber, ensuring stable performance on rough roads and bumps.


Combo Kit includes:

  • 1 x 00379487 Carry Box

Image for illustrative purposes only.

  • 1 x 00379484 Medium Tool Box

Image for illustrative purposes only.

  • 1 x 00379481 Large Tool Box

Image for illustrative purposes only.



Load Capacity Carry Box: 50kg
Medium Tool Box: 30kg
Large Tool Box: 40kg
Waterproof Protection Grade IP65
Included Accessories Carry Box: 1 x Inner Tray
Medium Tool Box: 2 x Carry Cases
Large Tool Box: 1 x Inner Tray

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