Ingress Protection

IP56 is an independent stamp of quality that HiKOKI Power Tools hold as a bench mark.

In technical terms, the IP code or ‘Ingress Protection’ is a standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to measure the degrees of protection offered by electrical equipment enclosures against the ingress of solid foreign objects like dust or the ingress of water to hazardous parts.

In real terms, every tradie knows that two potential onsite enemies threatening operating efficiency and long life are dust and water getting into the tool’s enclosure.

That’s why it’s so reassuring to see the IP56 sticker on the side of your HiKOKI tool.

Note: Our IP56-compliant products are designed to withstand the effects of dust and water, but there is no guarantee that will not malfunction. Do not use or leave the machine in locations where it is subject to excessive amounts of dust or it is submerged in water or subject to rainwater. (Only the main unit conforms to the IP56 protection class ratings when equipped with a battery.)