Brushless Motor Technology

A HiKOKI technical advancement. After pioneering the use of brushless motors in cordless tools, now we’ve applied their benefi ts to electric corded tools with astonishing results.

Get your hands on a compact and lightweight range of tools with really heavy-duty power. By reducing the number of moving parts in the motor we’ve decreased tool size and weight but increased power output.

HiKOKI brushless AC motors deliver greater durability and longer life even under heavy use. There are no carbon brushes to regularly replace and no risk of armature burnout, layer short or commutator wear.

While the electronic circuit board is silicone-coated to protect from dust.

Because brushless motors run cooler, look forward to stable performance even when there’s voltage drop from using long extension cords. Equipped with a highly efficient inverter circuit, HiKOKI AC brushless motors are compatible with engine generators that don’t have an onboard inverter.

Reference: 1. The features of the AC (corded) brushless motor tools only.

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