Introducing the 18V Grease Gun AL18DA(H4Z) by HiKOKI, boasting top-class flow rate and max pressure for unparalleled performance.

With a flow rate of 297ml/min, it delivers consistent lubrication, keeping equipment running smoothly. Its 69Mpa max pressure effortlessly handles hardened grease. Precision is redefined with adjustable flow volume in 10 levels, ensuring quantitative grease discharge. With a 3-way grease filling method, including cartridges, bulk grease, and suction filling, maintenance becomes efficient and flexible, optimizing equipment performance. Plus, a detachable LED light adds convenience and visibility. 



  • Top Class Flow Rate - Unmatched flow rate of 297ml/min, surpassing competitors and ensuring consistent, reliable lubrication for smooth equipment operation.
  • Top Class Max Pressure - Maximum pressure of 69Mpa, the AL18DA effortlessly tackles hardened grease on lubrication points, setting a new standard for performance.
  • Adjustable Flow Volume - Featuring 10 levels of adjustable flow volume, the AL18DA redefines precision lubrication, enabling users to discharge grease quantitatively with unprecedented control and versatility.
  • 3-Way Grease Filling Method - With options for cartridges, bulk grease, and suction filling, the HiKOKI Grease Gun offers unmatched convenience and flexibility, enhancing equipment performance and maintenance efficiency.
  • Detachable LED Light - Enhances convenience, visibility, and precision during lubrication and maintenance tasks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.



  • Includes 3 Years Standard Warranty and 6 Years Warranty if product is registered online. Click here to signup.


Voltage 18V
Motor Brushed
Grease Capacity 450g
Speed Levels (Gear)

1: Low gear

2: High gear

Discharge Pressure (MPa)

Low: 115ml/min

High: 297ml/min

Max Pressure (MPa)

Low: 69MPa

High: 41MPa

Applicable Grease Type

NLGI No.0-No.2

Hose length


Adjustable volume of grease:
Position of the dial
(Low gear / High gear)
1: 0.8ml
2: 1.7ml
3: 2.4ml
5: 4.1m
8: 6.4ml
10: 7.9ml
15: 11.9ml
20: 15.9ml
25: 19.8ml
Lock-On / Lock-Off Yes
Sound Pressure Level (dB(A)) 79dB(A)
Vibration (m/s2) 2.5 m/s²


5.0kg (with BSL36A18X)

Dimensions ( L x W x H) 392-412 x 110 x 227mm




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