The 18V Cordless Tripod Light UB18DG(H4Z) from HiKOKI is a powerhouse of illumination, boasting an impressive 4,000lm luminous flux for exceptional visibility.

Its versatility shines through with a maximum height of 2m15cm, offering extensive coverage for diverse situations. Whether you need focused spot lighting or wide area irradiation, this light delivers. Plus, it's a true survivor in tough conditions, boasting an IP55 rating for dust and water resistance. With dual power supply options (AC and DC), you'll never be left in the dark. Stay in control with the battery status alert function, ensuring uninterrupted lighting whenever and wherever you need it.

Product Features:

  • Powerful Brightness - Illuminate your surroundings with a maximum luminous flux of 4,000lm, ensuring exceptional visibility
  • Versatile Height - Extend your light source to a maximum height of 2m15cm, providing ample coverage for various situations
  • Spot and Area Lighting - Enjoy the flexibility of spot and area irradiation, catering to your specific lighting needs
  • Dual Power Supply - Benefit from both AC and DC power options, ensuring uninterrupted lighting in any setting
  • Durable Performance - With an IP55 rating, this light is resistant to dust and water, making it reliable in challenging environments
  • Battery Status Alert - Stay informed with a battery level notification function, keeping you in control of your lighting needs


  • Construction Sites: Illuminate work areas at night or in poorly lit environments, enhancing safety and productivity
  • Outdoor Events: Provide bright, wide-area lighting for concerts, festivals, and outdoor gatherings
  • Emergency Situations: Use it as a reliable emergency light during power outages or natural disasters
  • Camping: Enjoy well-lit camping experiences with adjustable height and lighting modes
  • Photography and Videography: Create professional-quality lighting setups for on-location shoots or video productions
  • Auto Repair: Illuminate undercarriages or engine bays with ease for automotive maintenance
  • Search and Rescue: Aid search and rescue teams in low-light or nighttime operations with its high brightness
  • Industrial Workshops: Enhance visibility during detailed tasks in factories or workshops
  • Outdoor Sports: Illuminate playing fields or sports arenas during evening practices or events
  • General Home Use: Light up dark corners, garages, or basements for DIY projects and household tasks


  • Includes 3 Years Standard Warranty and 6 Years Warranty if product is registered online. Click¬†here¬†to signup


Voltage 18V
Brightness Adjustment 

Low: 1,000lm

Medium: 2,000lm

High: 3,000lm

Max: 4,000lm

Light LED (White)
Dimensions (LxHxW)

2,150 x 630 x 720mm

1,035 x 222 x 210mm

Weight 8.1kg (without battery)
Accessories AC Adaptor

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