The 38mm Narrow Crown Stapler N3804AB3(H2Z) from HiKOKI is the ultimate tool for precision fastening.

Featuring both single and bump fire modes, it offers versatility to match your preferred working style. The tool-less depth dial allows for easy adjustments, ensuring precise stapling depths for various materials. In case of a staple jam, the tool-less release mechanism swiftly clears the blockage, minimizing downtime. For added comfort, the 360° adjustable exhaust efficiently directs air away from the user, creating a more pleasant working environment. With its exceptional design and functionality, this narrow crown stapler is a reliable and efficient choice for your fastening needs.


Product Features:

  • Both single & bump fire
  • Tool-less depth dial
  • Tool-less release for clearing jammed staples
  • 360° adjustable exhaust directs air away from user



  • Includes 3 Years Standard Warranty with an additional 3 Years when registered online. Click here to register.


Fastener series

18 gauge 6000 series staples

Pressure range

70 – 120 psi

Max. capacity

125 staples


263 x 235mm



Standard accessories

Nose protector, safety glasses and carry case

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