Experience the power and versatility of the 36V Cordless Brushless Belt Sander SB3608DA(H4Z) from HiKOKI.

Its powerful 36V brushless motor ensures consistent performance. The 5-stage variable Speed Dial provides precise control, adapting to various materials. Automode adjusts speed based on load for optimal sanding. The sanding belt tracking system ensures proper alignment, maximizing productivity. Efficient dust collection keeps the work area clean and safe. With a tool-free quick belt change system, switching belts is a breeze. Compatible with HiKOKI Multi Volt battery for convenience. This belt sander is a reliable tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts, delivering exceptional results.


Product Features:

Corded Ease: Effortless Power

Comparing SB3608DA and SB8V2 corded belt sanders on Lauan Lumber / Pressing Load for 5 minutes:
- Grit Size: 80
- Dial Setting: 5
- Load: 29.4N (3kgf)

Highly Effi­cient Dust Extraction

Comparing dust extraction efficiency for SB3608DA and SB8V2 corded belt sanders on Lauan Lumber:
- Grit Size: 80
- Dial Setting: 5
- Load: 29.4N (3kgf)
- Sanding Time: 5 minutes

- SB8V2: 78%
- SB3608DA: 82%

Easy to Attach Dust Bag

Effortless Operation and Superior Finishing:

Considering ease of use without a cord and achieving a smoother, cleaner finish, it seems like the cordless belt sander performs well in terms of convenience and final surface quality.

Compact and Easy to Use:

The SB3608DA, with its compact design being 20 mm narrower than its corded predecessor, improves weight distribution for enhanced maneuverability. It also offers ease in sanding edges, maintaining user-friendly operation.



  • Includes 3 Years Standard Warranty with an additional 3 Years when registered online. Click here to register.


Voltage 36V
Motor type Brushless
Switch type Trigger switch
Variable Speed Control

1: 2.0m/s {122m/min}

2: 3.7m/s {220m/min}

3: 5.2m/s {310m/min}

4: 6.7m/s {400m/min}

5: 7.5m/s {450m/min}

Auto mode: 2.0m/s {122m/min} (No load) / 7.5m/s {450m/min} (With load)

Sanding Belt Size 76 x 533mm
No-load belt speed 122 - 450 m/min
Braking function Yes
Soft start Yes
Overload protection Yes
Overheat protection Yes
Restart prevention function Yes
Belt-changing system Tool-free (Lever)
Sanding belt tracking system Tool-free 
Dust bag position Left
Weight including battery BSL36A18 4.2kg
Dimensions L x W x H including battery  323 x 150 x 199 mm
Battery Compatible with the HiKOKI Multi Volt battery

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